Candella beta

Design and branding

Candella includes utilities and modules that help ensure the system's design language is followed, as well as provide branding images.


Candella, in large part, follows the Suru design guidelines and is commonly seen in the icons and font (Ubuntu). The CADesign module contains some utilities to help facilitate following the design language.


Returns a Frame object with a mask of the app's general shape.

get_app_mask(icon, size)

Returns an AlphaMask displayable with the app's general shape masked on to the specified icon with a size of size x size pixels.


The Branding directory inside of the System/Library directory contains logomarks and sprites that can be used throughout Candella. Please, do not use these images to represent your app or service.


*The logomark is best used on a dark background.

Logo sprite Alternate logo sprite

Note that, for fonts, the Ubuntu font is used.