A modern Ren'Py operating environment

Developed and maintained by the team that brought you Unscripted, Candella offers a fresh new look and functionality to the popular AliceOS operating environment framework for Ren'Py.

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Celeste Shell on Candella

Prerelease Notice

Candella is in a pre-release state and my change over time. This documentation tries to reflect the most current pre-release version of Candella.

What makes Candella different?

  • Release compatibility: Candella's release cycle syncs up with feature releases of Unscripted and the Ren'Py SDK, respectively.
  • Responsive feedback: AliceOS follows a strict release schedule and doesn't update as quickly with bug fixes or improvements, Candella gets feedback from the public as well as playtesters in the Unscripted Playtesting Program.
  • Targeted for Unscripted: Candella will add new features and improvements that will be helpful for Unscripted, such as native support for the NadiaVM language.
  • Simplified app development: Candella's application framework extensions make it easier to develop apps quickly without fiddling through delegate calls, making projects from scratch, or remembering what keys are valid.

Try Candella today

Candella is available in pre-release form via the Unscripted Playtesting Program and can be downloaded from Itch.io, but you can also build the source code locally to test drive the project.

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