Candella beta

Roland Boot Manager

Candella utilizes the Roland Boot Manager to start and shut down Candella and its apps/services. Roland allows for a modular approach to booting/shutting down services and apps by letting developers select if a boot screen should be displayed, what screen to load during boot, how long to display it for if Roland finishes. The same applies for shutdown.

Loading the boot manager

Ideally, the boot manager's boot sequence should be loaded into Ren'Py's splashscreen label:

label splashscreen:
    $ roland.boot()

There are two additional parameters that can be passed into the boot function:

  • loader (str): The name of the Ren'Py screen to display during boot. By default, this is set to None, thus not displaying a screen.
  • minimum_load_time (float): The minimum amount of seconds the boot screen should be displayed if the boot sequence finishes too quickly. By default, this is set to 0.0.
  • run_setup (bool): Whether to look for a setup assistant and run it if setup is incomplete or hasn't been executed before. By default, this is set to True.

Default boot screens

The Roland Boot Manager comes with a few loading screens by default:

Preview Loader name Description
RolandGraphicalLoader A graphical loader with the game's window icon, if the file is present. Otherwise, the Candella logo is displayed.
RolandGraphicalLogomarkLoader A graphical loader that displays the Candella logomark, as well as a row of icons at the bottom for all of the core services installed.
RolandTextLoader A text-based loader that displays the contents of the Candella log file.

Creating a custom loading screen

You can create a standard Ren'Py screen with the bootloader tag and a zorder of 200 to be displayed by the boot manager. An example is provided below:

screen SampleLoader():
    zorder 200
    tag bootloader
    modal False

    add "#000000"

        align (0.5, 0.5)

        text "Loading the system...":
            xalign 0.5
            text_align 0.5


The loading screen should not have any required parameters. The boot manager will not be able to supply arguments to get passed into the loading screen.

Shutting down Candella with the boot manager

Like with the boot method in the splashscreen label, the shutdown method should be inserted in the quit label:

label quit:
    $ roland.shutdown()

Like the boot method, there is an additional optional argument, loader, which displays a Ren'Py screen during the shutdown process; however, the screen does not include a minimum loading time unlike the boot sequence. By default, this value is set to None, indicating that no screen will be displayed.