Candella beta


The Glossary app for Candella provides a fast and easy way for visual novel developers to define terms used in the game and an intuitive way for users to discover these terms.

Creating a glossary

The glossary file used in Candella is a JSON file with a single root-level key, dictionary. In there, you can define additional words with their respective definitions as a JSON object:

    "dictionary": {
        "changeling": "A creature that has the ability to transform into another.",
        "hTML": "Short for hyper-text markup langage, the language that is used to create web pages on the internet."

If you're including an acronym as a term or need to include uppercase letters, make the first letter lowercase, then use uppercase for the rest. To add spaces to indicate a phrase, use an underscore.

Displaying the glossary

To display the glossary window with a custom glossary programmatically, use renpy.show_screen:


If no arguments are passed in load_glossary, the app will default to the built-in glossary.

Overriding the default glossary

If you need to override the default glossary with your own, you can change the default_glossary property of the glossary instance. This may be used in scenarios where you want the Glossary app to open your default glossary when the user opens it in a launcher like Celeste Shell.

glossary.default_glossary = "path/to/default_glossary.json"