Candella beta

A modern Ren'Py operating environment

Developed and maintained by the team that brought you Unscripted, Candella offers a fresh new look and functionality to the popular AliceOS operating environment framework for Ren'Py.

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Celeste Shell on Candella


The following documentation is for a pre-release version of Candella. Some features and APIs may change over time and are not guaranteed to be stable.

What makes Candella different?

  • Release compatibility: Candella's release cycle syncs up with feature releases of Unscripted and the Ren'Py SDK, respectively.
  • Responsive feedback: AliceOS follows a strict release schedule and doesn't update as quickly with bug fixes or improvements, Candella gets feedback from the public as well as playtesters in the Unscripted Playtesting Program.
  • Targeted for Unscripted: Candella will add new features and improvements that will be helpful for Unscripted, such as native support for the NadiaVM language.
  • Simplified app development: Candella's application framework extensions make it easier to develop apps quickly without fiddling through delegate calls, making projects from scratch, or remembering what keys are valid. There's even a curated project repository that players can download from and where developers can upload releases to.

Try Candella today

Candella is available in pre-release form via the Unscripted Playtesting Program and can be downloaded from, but you can also build the source code locally to test drive the project.

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